About P&A Harrison Builders Ltd

Located in the village of Winston Gate, Darlington, we’re proud of the fact we’ve been in business continually for 29 years. Our focus has always been on satisfying our customers with the products and services we deliver and having been operating for almost three decades, we believe this is the perfect showcase of our knowledge, experience and hard work.

What We Offer

Able to offer a full service building solution, from making recommendations on property layout through to adding the smallest of touches to the finished product to truly ‘finish it off’, we genuinely believe that no job is too big or small.

With the projects we’re involved in being vast and varied, we regularly find ourselves working on creating new build properties from the ground up in the most cost-effective way possible, through to delivering extensive renovations of period properties, where the focus can often be to bring the main structure up-to-date, whilst keeping all of the charming, original features.

Always happy to answer any question (and just like our ethos on projects, we believe there isn’t a question that’s too big or small, or too basic or in-depth), since day one we’ve always been confident we’ll be able to deliver exactly what our clients require, something we genuinely believe continues to be the truth to this day.

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